3 Wheel Roulette is an online gambling establishment.

The term “multi-tabling” is not often associated with roulette in the same way that it is with online poker. This game’s appeal stems in large part from the fact that it may be played at a decent speed, while appreciating the rich history and tradition of the table and basking in the mood created by a beautiful wheel, a well-dressed croupier, and one little ball.

But in the twenty-first century, we are always searching for methods to revitalize our old favorites. IGT has attempted to modernize a centuries-old game by developing 3 Wheel Roulette, a captivating variation on this traditional betting game. In many aspects, this game is identical to the original version, yet a quick glance at the wheel reveals that this is unlike any other version of this classic you have played.

One Wheel, Three Levels

Contrary to its name, this online casino game only has a single wheel. The layout is identical to European roulette, with a single zero. However, instead of a single revolving circle of numbers on the outside, there are three rotating segments, each moving at a different pace. This indicates that each “wheel” has a high probability of producing various outcomes.

Therefore, each time you place a wager, you will do it three times. Place a $1 wager on a variety of numbers, and you will discover that the game truly requires you to wager $3 – effectively, you are wagering $1 on each of the three possible outcomes.

The whole range of betting possibilities available in a land-based casino is available here, including all inside and outside wagers. The red and black splits buttons will display all potential splits (two spot bets) on the layout, and the two “dragon” buttons will display bets on numbers of those colors that form a winding pattern along the table.

After placing your wagers, you may initiate a spin. As in a typical online roulette game, you will see the wheel spin and the ball fall into a numbered inner pocket. However, when this happens, the two outer circles will continue to spin for a few seconds before stopping. The numbers that align with the pocket where the ball stops are the second and third outcomes for that spin. Each number applies to one of the three bets you were required to put at the beginning of the spin; for example, if you wager $3 on black and two of the three numbers are black, you will gain a $1 profit when two of your bets win and the third one loses.

If you’re uncertain about which numbers to gamble on, this game shows the outcome of the past 300 spins. As a shortcut, you may also utilize a few buttons in this history to quickly put bets on the six hottest or coldest numbers within the specified time frame.

Side Bet Offers Big Rewards

A side bet is another facet of casino gambling that is uncommon at the roulette table. But IGT has introduced a potentially jackpot-paying side wager to 3 Wheel Roulette, which is an intriguing addition.

To participate in the Colour Up Bonus, a wager must be placed on a designated area. This wager pays off if the three numbers spun correspond in a variety of different ways. All three of the same color are sufficient for a 2x payment, while a pair of two numbers is worth 5x and a straight (three consecutive numbers) is worth 10x. If you match two zeroes, you will win 25 times your original wager.

Triplets, which occur when all three spins result in the same number, are the most lucrative. A standard triplet is worth 100 times the bonus wager, which is more than any other regular payout. Triple zeros pay out at 1200-1, which is enough to make any gambling session unforgettable.

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