Africa’s iGaming Boom

Globally, iGaming is rapidly expanding. It is swiftly becoming one of the most profitable commercial endeavors, drawing gamblers and players worldwide. So it makes sense.

Less travel expenditures, more convenience and less time commitment are all appealing features for players.

A recent relaxation of formerly strict controls on internet gambling has enabled other nations to join. Is Africa following suit? Learn about iGaming in Africa and how you can get involved.

A gambling history

The key difference between iGaming and other internet gaming is that it is a game of chance. A valuable wager must be placed on an unknown result.

Online gambling has only been around as long as the internet. As the site gained popularity, licensing possibilities arose, resulting to a booming business as popular as Vegas, with companies like 10bet Ghana appearing in the nation.

Some governments have been slow to adopt the idea, but as cash is generated, rules are being relaxed globally.


Football is the most popular sport in Africa. Football is played on the streets, the top players come from Africa, and the support is strong with packed stadiums. Cricket, basketball, and running races are among popular pastimes that draw followers to hotels, restaurants, and other public places with TVs.

A passion for sports breeds a desire for wagering on them. Africans are great supporters of European football leagues, especially the English Premier League. La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League all provide betting options. Betting on sports and games is available at some of the finest betting sites in Africa.

Table games are legal in around 30 of the 54 African nations. South Africa has 40 casinos spread around the nation. In 2020, the UK has 131 casinos open.

Africa has few casinos, but those that do exist are quite popular. Online gambling eliminates the requirement for a physical location, prompting a surge in popularity throughout Africa.

Is it legal?

In addition to South Africa’s strict gambling laws, additional restrictions are being introduced in other African nations to guarantee safe and supervised internet gaming.

Not just in Africa. Despite their liberal attitudes on other subjects, the Netherlands have lately relaxed their severe gambling laws. The substantial income has led them to develop the Remote Gambling Act, which lays out a variety of requirements for gambling businesses intending to operate and target Dutch nationals.

In America, only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware will have internet gambling in 2020. Several states have joined the list of legal gambling states after the new laws were enacted in 2020, with more predicted in the future. The original three states’ total tax gift of $84 million in 2020 persuaded legislators to reconsider their online gambling prohibition.

This has forced industry heavyweights to seek new directions. For example, Online Slots UK is a well-known UK operator with a large game library and a loyal customer base. Recently, they’ve begun looking at US internet casinos.

While the African sports betting market is still growing, some Muslim-majority nations have outlawed it, the key to internet gambling lies in the young. Over 200 million Africans aged 18-24 currently use sportsbooks on their cellphones, giving an alternative source of income if pushed into unemployment, which is common in Africa.

With internet gambling’s growing popularity and lucrative income potential, more governments are anticipated to revisit rules, enabling additional operators to join the industry.

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