โปรโมชั่นคาสิโน Guangzhou is a city renowned for many wonderful foods, and of course “Dim   ” is one of Guangzhou’s most globally known foods. Dim sum is a popular breakfast kitchen that can be found in Guangzhou and Hong Kong at every corner of the street. The culture of enjoying the cool, damp sum of family and friends must at least once in a lifetime be experienced.

PG SOFT is launching an inspired culinary game after the start of the successful game “Hotpot” – “DimSum Mania!” Dim Sum Mania is a five-wheel, three-wheel video slot with separate backs of reels. The Free Spins Function with 15 free spins will trigger 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols anywhere! Not only that, during the Free Spins feature, all winnings are tripled by x3!

“Dim Sum Mania” has now officially opened for business, PG SOFT’s dim sum tea restaurant! Steam fills the bamboo steamer’s lid opening with air. The exquisite fragrance it bears makes kids weep hungry on the street! Every dim sum looks delicately done and so delightfully that it gives water to all clients. Come now and take a mouthful!


PG SOFT is pleased to announce today that we collaborate with Dafabet to enable the two industry leaders to work together to enhance the worldwide online gaming experience. This new collaboration is an honor for us. This collaboration also gives us a huge worldwide platform for our unique and entertaining gaming offerings, apart from recognizing the efforts of our award-winning team to revolutionize mobile app gamification.

Dafabet is Asia’s top online gaming and home to a range of world-class online entertainment goods that include some of the finest gambling products on the internet. “We strive to provide our gamers the finest material for games,” stated Regis Pissot, Dafabet Director of Gaming. PG SOFT games are extremely original, first and foremost mobile, and especially attractive. It definitely satisfies the expectations of our Asian players and allows us in all our major regions to accelerate our development.”

PG SOFT has always endeavored to develop unique games with intriguing stories, gameplay and stunning graphics. We are the leader in the development of games especially suited for mobile phones. The vertical arrangement of the games makes sure that our games may be played in the most comfortable and ideal manner for the players. Without altering their gaming habits, the gamers feel fantastic.


The collaboration with Dafabet is sure to extend and accelerate our market variety with so many beautiful games under PG SOFT, attracting young and elderly gamers alike. PG SOFT can certainly meet the varied preferences and interests of the gamers.

“Dafabet is a worldwide operator and we’re pleased to offer our outstanding range of games to their players.” stated Ken Zhang, Managing Director and Cofounder of PG SOFT. We trust that our gamers are always pleased to play our games and look forward to realizing the full potential of our collaboration.” This collaboration will definitely assist both parties to achieve a win-win scenario by strengthening Dafabet’s market position and by showcasing PG SOFT’s capabilities to a broader public..

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